DANKE, Wien! Fett!!!

DANKE, Wien! Fett!!! This was a fantastic final of the tour! We want to thank Belphegor, Arkona, God Dethroned, Monastary and the whole crew for such a great time on the road! Stay brutal and see you next time! More pictures soon!



THANK YOU, Sneek!  Great show with many fans, friends and family! You rocked! Tonight the grand tour final in Vienna! Auf geht’s Österreich! 


THANK YOU, London!

THANK YOU, London! Awesome show at the Underworld! Hotter and louder than hell! it was great meeting many fans and friends after the show! Thank you UK for three crazy gigs! Now we are looking forward to our next show in the Netherlands tonight!


THANK YOU, Manchester!

THANK YOU, Manchester! Amazing show, very powerful and a crazy audience! Tonight we will invade London! See you there!


THANK YOU, Sheffield!

THANK YOU, Sheffield! Great first show in the UK and to meet fans and friends after the show!