„OKKULT“ Feedbacks!

Okkult_Feedbacks_sWe got fantastic feedbacks for the new „OKKULT“ album!

A big thank you to everybody who supports us!

Heavy Metal Heaven (GER): „Impressive! For such a grandiose work I have only one rating: TOP SCORE!“

Bloodchamber (GER): „TOP SCORE for the perfect balance between outstanding epic and impeccable straight death metal!“ 10/10 points

Metal Impressions (GER): „Authentic, fresh and super honest, 100% ATROCITY! No stone remains on the other! A fantastic production full of details results in a total „eargasm“! All thumbs up, we have a milestone in the player!“ 6/6 Points TOP SCORE

Metal Underground (AT): „The guys of Atrocity have probably have licked a tub full of blood till the last drop, otherwise how do you explain this album! „Okkult“ is the surprise of the year 2013.“ 5/5 TOP SCORE




Metal Underground (USA): „A feast for the ears! Pure symphonic death at its malevolent best! Pure perfection! Extreme metal lovers should herald the return of Atrocity back to the fold, having completely shed its gothic moth cocoon, out of which has slithered the mucus glistening serpent of prime evil.“ 4.5/5 Points

Legacy (GER): „A massive big bang! A milestone within the band’s career!“ 13/15 Points

Time for Metal (GER): „Perfect sound and fantastic songwriting! Excellent musical variety! What a refreshing

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album – must buy!“ 9,5/10 Points

Metal Hammer (GER): „ATROCITY circle the hammer! Thrilling compositions, merciless Death Metal power!“

Lords of Metal (NL): „Menacing and dark music! Impressive album! It includes an opulence of bombast and complex multilayered twists and turns, but in addition it remains of fetching catchiness.“ 92/100 Points

Orkus (GER): „Sinister, raging, brutal…symphonic! There couldn’t be a better start of the trilogy!“

Sonic Seducer (GER): „Razor sharp crushing metal, morbid atmosphere! The renowned death metal institution is reflected in absolute top form!“

Tombstone (GER): „The band has created an impressive scenario and guide their listeners either through hell, lead them through bygone eras, Scottish haunted castles and mystical prophecies or they awake the ancient necromancer Erictho and the French witch „La Voisine“ of the 17th century back to life. Great work!“ 9/10 Points

Stormbringer (AT): „Full of atmosphere and drama! Convincing over the entire length! I salute the honorable Dark Metal warriors! What a surprise with such a crisp, hard and homogenous album full of hits!“ 4/5 Points

Aardschok (NL): „Intense bombastic Metal with choirs and orchestra! A very exciting record from a band full of ambitions!“

Metal Mirror (GER): „Chapeau, the unofficial mothership of German metal is back with a big bang!“ 9/10

Points Matterz (UK): „Superb Album! If this is what Hell would sound like I’d happily jump in.“ 9/10 Points

Terrorizer (UK): “ „Okkult“ is proof that even after 25 years, straying from the path can result in some of a band’s best work!“

Zillo (GER): „Massive heaviness! Soundtrack-like opulence! Theatrical choirs provide epicness and dynamics!“

Rock Hard (GER): „What a mix – fantastic, catchy Death Metal tracks switch with quotations from the band’s history! Orchestral passages by the the Lingua Mortis Orchestra, female backing vocals and keyboards are extremely effective!“

Burn Your Ears (GER): „An unique and special album full of hits!“ 9/10 Points

EMP (GER): „“Okkult“ is full of ideas, variety and convinces especially with superior neckbreakers!“

Sweden Rock (SWE): “ „Okkult“ belongs to the most brutal and bombastic music ever recorded by the Germans.“

Friday 13th (UK): „The album sounds brutal! „Okkult“ rips, so grap a copy today!“ 4/5 Points

XXL Rock (GER): “ „Okkult“ is heavy. „Okkult“ is brutal. „Okkult“ is evil. „Okkult“ is just a fantastic record!“

Rocktribune (BE): „Their heaviest record in years! Another surprising album by the German masters!“

Sounds2Move (GER): „Incredibly diverse! „Okkult“ sounds like a cinematic spectacle! Completely convincing!“

Rock Garage (GER): „The combination of raw and brutal songs and the Lingua Mortis Orchestra creates an oppressive atmosphere.“

Examiner (USA): „Enigmatic, utterly pulverizing: Atrocity unleashes the wondrous „Okkult“!“ The Age of Metal (USA): „Atrocity‘s return to the scene with one of the heaviest albums that the band has done in years.“

The Offering (USA): “ “Okkult” feels like a collection of many favorite metal styles with a supernatural and macabre conceptual theme.“

FFM Rock (GER): „If part one of the trilogy already sounds so fantastic, I’m curious how ATROCITY want to beat this with the coming albums!“

Angry Metal Guy (USA): „Well-written and intelligent! „Okkult“ is a high-energy, moshpit-friendly album! It’s Atrocity’s biggest, best and most brutal offering yet, marking a perfect start to the trilogy.“

Crossfire (GER): „A well-maintained gloomy kick in the ass!“

Twilight (GER): „ATROCITY’s properties that are missing in many young metal bands of the marketing machine too often: Obstinacy, character, charisma, distinction and recognition!“

The Mayfair Mall Zine (UK): “ „Okkult“ is full to the brim with obscure stories and really is a must have! The whole concept behind „Okkult“ is absorbing and spectacular!“

Klenky (Full:Metal:Army / Metal Train): „Album of the year 2013!“

Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir): “Dark, unexpected, haunting! Great musical performances preserved within a resolute production! This is Atrocity 2013!”

Gus G (Firewind): “Dark, atmospheric and heavy as fuck! DEATH BY METAL!!!”

Marc Grewe (Morgoth): „Wow, I’m blown away! Awesome album production! “Okkult” shows Atrocity’s great passion and inherent songwriting skills! This gloomy atmosphere GRABS YOU BY THE NECK!”

Schmier (Destruction): „A brutal mix of black & epic moments! A pinch of extraordinary heaviness! Revitalizing blend of the bands ultimate fortes: DEVASTATING!!!“

Sakis (Rotting Christ): „This is really mature and powerful! This is how atmospheric Death Metal should be played! DEATH BY METAL!“