New Drummer Joris Nijenhuis!

Please welcome our new drummer Joris Nijenhuis!

We are very proud to announce that Joris has joined ATROCITY!

Not only is he a great guy; he also totally blew us away during his audition.

He is the perfect match for the new ATROCITY  Stwd  material!

Unfortunately, Roland Navratil had to leave for private reasons, we wish him all the best for the future!

Joris: „I’m really excited to announce that I’m the new drummer for ATROCITY. After quitting DrDoom it wasn’t easy to find a new band, but then Jb told me that ATROCITY was looking for a new drummer. So I recorded an audition video of „Reich of Phenomena“ and was asked to come to the studio a few weeks later to meet everyone. I’m really looking forward to play on the upcoming album and play a lot of shows, see you on the road!“

Bassist JB van der Wal adds: „It’s cool to have my grindcore brother in arms at my side in ATROCITY now, too, and from what I know what Joris can do from playing with him for 5/6 years now (touring with him in DrDoom), I know ATROCITY fans will be blown away with what would probably be ATROCITY’s most brutal drummer to date!“

Further news about the up-coming DVD and the new ATROCITY album triology  Cheap Prom Dresses will follow soon!