Drummer Joris Nijenhuis answers questions on the upcoming album pt.4

ATROCITY drummer Joris Nijenhuis answered some questions about the production of the upcoming „OKKULT“ album. Here is the 4th part:

What are your favorite songs?

“Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)” is one the most brutal songs on the album. It’s a death metal song with lots of Double bass, bombblasting, fast fills, and in the middle a really cool groovy part. 

“Pandæmonium” is Atrocity’s new masterpiece, a very epic song with some really brutal blastbeats and huge sounding orchestra parts. This is probably gonna be a new favorite Atrocity song for a lot of people, especially for fans of “Reich of Phenomena” and “Apocalypse”!!

My 3rd favorite song is “Murder Blood Assassination”. Also a very diverse song which is really cool to play. Drummingwise this song has got everything you need in a metal song, double bass, blastbeats and really cool fills. I’m looking forward to play this one live.