„Taste of Sin“ Single first time released on all digital platforms

ATROCITY – „Taste of Sin“ Single first time released on all digital platforms for streaming and download! ??? Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/ATROCITY-TOS-Spotify Apple Music: https://tinyurl.com/ATROCITY-TOS-AppleMusic

Chronical Moshers Open Air new date!

Hello creatures of the Night The new date for Chronical Mosher Open Air is 11 – 13 June 2021, see you there! Info: www.cmoa.de


Support The Underground Festival 24.06.1990 – Live stream

Visions in Fear presents an awesome 30th anniversary video recap of the II. Support The Underground Festival 24.06.1990! Who is ready for the entire Festival online? The #virtualpit will start tomorrow 7pm CET. Wear your battle vest, tighten your bullet belts and grab a beer. <3 90`s Death Metal will reign supreme ???— Thank you Oliver Barth!!! Running Order: Belching Beet https://youtu.be/u-sfbTrhMqo Entombed https://youtu.be/9pT0WGxpWMs Disharmonic Orchestra https://youtu.be/e3dVUd-nKnM Atrocity https://youtu.be/b6MiOsgk9yc Pungent Stench https://youtu.be/ai-PnTvapNE Carcass https://youtu.be/GUG-FDNSZFg


TODESSEHNSUCHT Vinyl Re-Release & first time on digital platforms

ATROCITY – TODESSEHNSUCHT Vinyl Re-Release & first time on digital platforms BIG NEWS!! The ATROCITY death metal classic TODESSEHNSUCHT will be re-released on vinyl including the DEATH Cover „Archangel“ – streetdate: 24.07.2020!! Exklusive Clear Vinyl + Red Vinyl: https://tinyurl.com/TODESSEHNSUCHT Moreover, the TODESSEHSUCHT album is now available for download and streaming for the first time – enjoy the masterpiece here: https://lnk.to/todessehnsucht If you want to take a trip into the past, check out the fantastic book from Andreas Hertkorn „Todessehnsucht – Als der Death Metal nach Deutschland kam“: https://www.nuclearblast.de/en/products/lesestoff/deutschsprachige-buecher/buch/todessehnsucht-als-der-death-metal-nach-deutschland-kam-2.-auflag.html


GEMINI, now also available for download and streaming.

After the success of the GEMINI Vinyl editions, now available for the first time on all digital platforms for download and streaming: ATROCITY – GEMINI Gemini (Blue Version) » https://lnk.to/geminiblue Gemini (Red Version) » https://lnk.to/geminired