70.000 Tons of Metal, stage guests

We are happy to announce that our OKKULT II models Moony Mara and Zoe Marie will join us on stage at the Atrocity shows on 70000tons! 🤘💀🤘#70000Tons #Atrocity #Sturmangriff


Atrocity on 70.000 tons of metal!

KILLER NEWS!!! We will enter the 70000tons OF METAL cruise!!! Get ready for the STURMANGRIFF in the Caribbean – DEATH BY METAL!!! #70000tons #Atrocity #OkkultII #DEATHBYMETAL


Frohes Fest

Dear Creatures of the Night, thank you for the great support in 2018!  See you on the road with OKKULT II in 2019!


Todessehnsucht 26th Anniversary!

ATROCITY (GER) – “Todessehnsucht” (release date: September 22nd, 1992) The 2nd studio album by German Death Metal band ATROCITY. Great one! 1. Todessehnsucht 2. Godless Years 3. Unspoken Names 4. Defiance 5. Triumph at Dawn 6. Introduction 7. Sky Turned Red 8. Necropolis 9. A Prison Called Earth 10. Todessehnsucht (Reprise) 11. Archangel (Death cover) Alexander Krull – Vocals, Keyboards, Sequencer, Lyrics Mathias Röderer – Guitars (lead) Oliver Klasen – Bass Michael Schwarz – Drums Richard Scharf – Guitars (lead) “Todessehnsucht” was first released in Europe. The American version had its name changed, against the band’s will, to “Longing for  more…


OKKULT II on rank #3 of Top Rock News!

Great news!!!! OKKULT II is currently featured in the Top 10 of Top Rock News on rank #3 » https://toprocknews.com/trn/top10/