Metal OBS Magazine interview

Fantastic feature & review in the new edition of METAL OBS (in French) https://metalobs.com/app/uploads/2023/02/MetalObs-Janvier-Avril-2023-Pierce-The-Veil.pdf Full interview (in French): https://metalobs.com/atrocity-voyage-dans-locculte/


OKKULT III release shows on 70000tons

Great shots from our OKKULT III release shows on 70000tons! Thanks to Darkroom Photography!

Obliveon interview – „Düstere Musik für düstere Zeiten!“

Check out the awesome interview on Obliveon! „Düstere Musik für düstere Zeiten!“

70000tons All Star Jam

A great highlight of 70000tons is the All Star Jam! Alexander Krull (Official) hosting it together with Clémentine Delauney from Visions of Atlantis and having fantastic musicians on stage! Pix by Derek Carr, Timo Maczollek, Nikki Marie Kephart (Thanks!)


ATROCITY 70000tons Special on Regio tv!

Check it out! Our 70000tons Special on Regio tv! https://www.regio-tv.de/mediathek/video/metal-festival-auf-dem-kreuzfahrtschiff-band-atrocity-nimmt-regio-tv-mit-auf-die-70000-tons-of-metal/