Igor Górewicz – „OKKULT III“ Statement

Igor Górewicz, Polish artist, author, actor and Slavic & Viking re-enactor on his special participation on the song CYPKA of the OKKULT III album:

“I remember hosting Alex and his son Leon in Szczecin, after Wolin battles, the other year. We drove them around Szczecin for some sightseeing. On the way back we drove by a park and a small lake, which is just aroung the corner from my house, and I mentioned a horror which happened back in 1952, when a local cannibal got cought, persecuted and got a death sentence. “What? How sick is that?” said Alex, clearly aroused. Yeah, I said, he was throwing human heads and cutoff limbs into that cute lake. This is a great topic for a song of Atrocity. Lets do that together!!!!”

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