Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015 – Guatemala


Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015
A report by Liv Kristine

15. & 16. May
I woke up by the cheerful singing of birds – an orchestra completely new to my ears! This day was a traveling day filled with great excitement. We crossed the boarders of El Salvador to Guatemala by bus which was great as we got to see numerous amazing places and landscapes. That afternoon it started raining heavily in Guatemala City, however, the venue’s staff managed to keep the water off the stage. A really crazy audience greeted our bands with endless passion – Leaves‘ Eyes and Atrocity for the first time in Guatemala! Thanks to Ricardo, our promoter, a true death metal fan, and his team, we had a really good time in two countries I had never thought I would ever be able to pay a visit to within my lifetime. We made a stop on our way to the airport to take some good-bye pictures at the Central Plaza where the weekend market was taking place. Our next stop was Colombia!

To be continued!

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