Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015 – Brazil Part 2


Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015
A report by Liv Kristine

29. & 30.May
Sãu Paulo and promoter Lucas Novaes welcomed us with sunshine! Gustavo took the vegetarians straight to a vegan restaurant which was awesome! Our friends Alessandra and Regiane, who also accompanied us during the Sirens‘ tour took me for a girl’s shopping tour around the Asian quarter of Sãu Paulo. Returning at the hotel hours later I was surprised to discover that none of the guys had returned. The guys had paid a visit to legendary Galeria du Rock. I was over the moon to find both a gym and a sauna at the hotel. After breakfast the next day we enjoyed an espresso in the „winter“ sun. Funny to skype with our families at home telling us about the hot weather in middle Europe. At the venue a lot of fans had queued up for the show. time for autographs and pictures. We really enjoyed the concert with killer audience and a promise to return soon. One more show to go. Only one more early flight.

To be continued!

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