Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015 – Bolivia Part 2


Atrocity & Leaves‘ Eyes across Latin America 2015
A report by Liv Kristine

23. May
Our early flight to La Paz took us 30 minutes only. Enough to have a nap and just enough to have a cup of local tea which felt like true energy. From above we saw foot paths, tiny villages and lonely houses in the middle of the Andes La Paz is famous for its altitude of about 4.000 metres. More local tea and an oxygen mask helped us getting through the soundcheck and the show, however, my passion for running through the German-Swabian forests and skiing in the Norwegian mountains surely added that sorely needed bonus to my state of fitness that day. For our long-time friend and all-round stage technician and helping hand, Zwini, this was his second visit to La Paz – a journey he had been dreaming of for years.
Sofia and Christian took us for a walk around the city. Interesting places to see, like the Calle Sagarnaga and the San Francisco Church. We had a late but incredibly loud and passionate gig. After packing the gear and hurrying back to the hotel we were left with exactly one hour of sleep. God forbid any more sleepless nights, moreover, „traveling plus show“ days!

To be continued!

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