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ATROCITY – 25 years “TODESSEHNSUCHT” album & history report

  The year 2017 passed away and ATROCITY just released the new EP “MASTERS OF DARKNESS”. 2018 will be a great year for the band as our new record will be released. Time to think about the band’s history as well! In 1992, 25 years ago we released the record “TODESSEHNSUCHT” which was a milestone in our career. We will have some very special interviews coming up regarding the ATROCITY history. So stay tuned for some great memories we have to share!



Dear fans and friends, we wsih you all a MERRY XMAS and a HEAVY NEW YEAR!!! Get the brand new EP MASTERS OF DARKNESS:https://massacre.lnk.to/mastersofdarkness


Masters Of Darkness – Great Reviews

Check out these great reviews: Dead Rhetoric: “Solid, chunky death metal that manages to be epic in scope while being aggressive and in your face! Top-notch production!” Atrocity – Masters of Darkness (Massacre) Behind the Scene: (French) http://behind-the-scene.no-name-radio.com/post/2017/ATROCITY-–-Masters-Of-Darkness-–-Label-%3A-Massacre-Records Giornale Metal: (Italian) https://giornalemetal.blogspot.nl/2017/11/atrocity-masters-of-darkness.html Metal Na Lata: (Brazilian) http://metalnalata.com.br/site/atrocity-masters-of-darkness-ep-2017/ Crom Metal: “A total DEATH METAL assault” https://www.crommetal.com/single-post/2017/11/17/Atrocity—Masters-Of-Darkness-EP-Review Disagreement: “Crunchy death metal, performed at a technically high level.” http://www.disagreement.net/reviews2015/atrocity_mastersofdarkness.html

MASTERS OF DARKNESS – Great reviews (German)

Check out these great German reviews: Keep on Rocking: “Atrocity geben wieder Gas, jawoll!” Atrocity – Masters Of Darkness (EP) www.metal.de: “ATROCITY platzieren einen krachenden Wirkungstreffer. Alle Daumen hoch!” http://www.metal.de/reviews/atrocity-masters-of-darkness-303241/ Zephyrs Odem: “Zum Glück seid ihr wieder da Jungs! Danke für diese Brecher!” http://www.zephyrs-odem.de/cd-s/detail/atrocity-masters-of-darkness-2017-7367/ Metal Underground: “Die Wände krachen und die Formation läuft zu neuen Höchstformen auf.” http://www.metalunderground.at/cd-berichte/atrocity-masters-of-darkness Pure Metal: “Das Deutsche Metal-Flaggschiff ist mit voller Kraft zurück” https://www.pure-metal.de/index.php?topic=811.0 Systematic Desensitization Zine: “In dieser Form sind Atrocity nicht zu toppen und für mich momentan neben Kreator und Heaven Shall Burn die wichtigste Metal-Band Deutschlands im härteren Bereich.” https://systematicdesensitizationzine.blogspot.nl/2017/11/atrocity-eine-neue-ep-namens-masters-of.html